Custome date property is not null

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Custome date property is not null

Is there a way to check whether a custom date property is not null in an Alfresco rule? Would like to fire an action in case the content type is the specified one and one of the custom property is not empty. Managed to show the property, but I can only select a date.

Thanks alot,

Zsolt Putnoky

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Re: Custome date property is not null

Hi, Zsolt Putnoky‌!

The best practice to check if the mandatory custom field is not null is to set tag <mandatory>true</mandatory> of the -model.xml and -config.xml files. This field will be displayed with mandatory symbol *

and if user doesn`t set this property and click Save button there are will be warning "Field cannot be empty." and node cannot be save. 

You can read more about it in Data Dictionary Guide in Additional Property Capabilities paragraph.

Hope it will helps! 

If you have questions will be glad to answer them

Good luck!