Customizing Alfresco Community Edition 7.4

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Customizing Alfresco Community Edition 7.4

Good day Folks,

I would please like to know how to cutomize the Alfresco Community Edition 7.4 deployed using Docker Compose (like removing the footer, makes changes to the landing page, changing the logo on the login page, etc).

In the past, you could customize the older versions of alfresco because the scripts were deployed locally on the server but now with docker compose container deployment, the scripts seem to be stored somewhere else.

I would like to know where the scripts are and how to go about this.

I look forward to your kind reply.

@angelborroy @fedorow 

Ejike Chiboka

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Re: Customizing Alfresco Community Edition 7.4

You can continue to customize everything in the same way using the Alfresco SDK 4.5.

This Maven project will help you creating the JAR with your own extensions and deploying it in the alfresco and share WARs. Finally the SDK will overlay the default Docker images with your own extensions.

Take a look at the Alfresco SDK 4.5:

Hope this helps Smiley Wink