Customizing Share Logging

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Customizing Share Logging

I'm looking to customize the logging from Share.  I've seen this question asked multiple times and what I've gathered is:

1) Share can't be customized in the same way as alfresco 

2) There's mention of a Log4jHirerarchyInit ( ), but I don't see any examples of that.

Could someone point to an example of #2 or at least describe the rough outline of what needs to be done?

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Re: Customizing Share Logging

Regarding 1) you are correct - this is the default and Alfresco is unlikely to change that given this has already been long requested (MNT-14972) and Share is essentially EoL'ed and no significant investments will be made for that client.

What you read in that other thread (an answer from myself) is what would be technically required if you were to implement it yourself. Since then, I have actually done the very same thing I explained and implemented custom support in one of my Open Source modules (alfresco-utility). If you don't want to include the full module, you could of course take inspiration from its source and only extract parts of it  that you need.

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