Customizing Site dashboard for all existing members

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Customizing Site dashboard for all existing members


So today i noticed that when i change my site dashboard, the changes i make does not apply (or show) to already memebers of this said site.

If i invite a new user, he inherits this new dashboard i made. But if I make any changes to the dashboard again the new user keeps the old one.

I tried removing users from my site and adding them again, but they keep the old dashboard nonetheless. Thing is, only site managers can change the dashboard, so all the other users are stuck with the default dashboard they inherited when they joined the site.

In other words, Alfresco keeps site dashboard data for every user, and there is no way to change it.

Is there something I can do to force update my site dashboard for all the members? Or maybe a parameter to change so all of my updates on Dashboard apply to all the members.

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Re: Customizing Site dashboard for all existing members

Alfresco does not keep site-dashboard for every user. That is not possible from a technical perspective based on how site-dashboards are implemented. The only thing that would be user-specific are dashlet preferences e.g. for the heigth of a specific, resized dashlet or the state of some filters.

Only the user dashboards are kept separate for every user.

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Re: Customizing Site dashboard for all existing members

Thank you for your quick answer.

So this seems to be more of an error, I thought this was an issue but when i looked it up, I have found that indeed some people are having it and others not.

See this thread for example : Site Dashboard customization 

Could you point me in a direction I can look into this, what can be causing this?

I did some further tests and found out that after rebooting my servers, all the users have their site dashboard up to date. So I am guessing that this is cache related.