data migration process

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data migration process

please tell me data migration process one alfresco server to other

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Re: data migration process


Please, take a look this link:

Migrating servers | Alfresco Documentation 

Anyway, you can check other resources like this:

Alfresco Data Migration: The Ultimate Guide | Aimprosoft 



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Re: data migration process

Hi Rasika,

Can you please tell more about the migration - meaning are you migrating from On premise to Cloud like AWS. How big your content is and also the customization - as the strategy needs to be decided accordingly.

Mainly the content migration, DB migration and the customized war strategy needs to be decided.

The first major step - Backup


a) Content in alf_data has to copied to destination via sync/tool or Snowball if content is large volume.

b) Data in DB has to be copied to destination DB.

c) wars needs to be applied at destination server 

d) configurations for the custom modules/amps need to be applied as per the destination env, smtp settings etc.

e) Solr Reindex

Last Validation.

Please let me know if this helps.

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Re: data migration process

I have more or less the same question but for a data migration from a 4.2 server to an 5.2 instance.

What is the best maneer to replicate the UID ?