Default Container Volumes

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Default Container Volumes

I am a complete new to docker and I understand the way default container volumes are made. Container volumes are inside of /var/lib/docker/volumes. can I change the default volume directory for each container, to a directory/partition of choice on the host system?

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Re: Default Container Volumes

This question appears to be completely unrelated to Alfresco Content Services or any other component of Alfresco. Are you sure you are in the right place? Questions not related to Alfresco might get faster / better responses in other platforms, e.g. StackOverflow.

You don't necesarily have to change the path to /var/lib/docker/volumes (I myself am not sure where you'd do that), but you can mount any folder path to a volume of a container. I use that in some of my docker-compose.yml files to mount specific directories where other containers deposit their files, i.e. to share my Let's Encrypt certificate between the proxy and Repository, so that the Repository may use it for SMTPS.