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Delete files from Alfresco

Hi guys! I need to change the minimum time that content binaries are kept in the contentStore and the time the Content Store Cleaner job runs. What shoul I do? Where can I find protectDays property? What's the file name and where is it located? 

I mean this:

<bean id="contentStoreCleaner" class="org.alfresco.repo.content.cleanup.ContentStoreCleaner" >     ...      <property name="protectDays" >        <value>14</value>     </property>     <property name="stores" >        <list>           <ref bean="fileContentStore" />        </list>     </property>     <property name="listeners" >        <list>           <ref bean="deletedContentBackupListener" />        </list>     </property>  </bean>

How to change the schedule for Content Store Cleaner job?

Is there a way to remove files from recycle bin automatically, not manually? 

I'm running Alfresco Community - 5.2.0 

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Re: Delete files from Alfresco

You should include you property system.content.orphanProtectDays in This will override default value.

Content stores overview | Alfresco Documentation 

To delete automatically files from Recycle bin you can configure TrashCan Cleaner in

Configuring the Trashcan Cleaner | Alfresco Documentation 

To delete automatically files from Content Store Delete you can use this addon or simply use a cron to remove files periodically.

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Re: Delete files from Alfresco

Thanks a lot!