Deploying with Helm charts on AWS using EKS

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Deploying with Helm charts on AWS using EKS

I am trying to deploy ACS 6.2 on AWS with EKS.

My question is-

How can I add shared/extension environment in EKS so our customization can be uploaded, we have some environment specific configuration which we can not add to source code.

Can anyone help or suggest to configure extension/customization (shared/classes)for ACS.

I was looking into below and did not find any reference to share.loader so it can load extension/customization -

values.yaml file suggest to added the propeties but does not suggest how to load extension or where to provide it.

In docker, we can provide like this -

RUN sed -i "s/shared.loader=/shared.loader=\${catalina.base}\/shared\/classes/" ${TOMCAT_DIR}/conf/