Development Custom Roles by SDK Alfresco 7.1

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Development Custom Roles by SDK Alfresco 7.1

Good afternoon everyone.

I'm creating custom "roles" using the SDK to generate AMP's.

These new roles are custom permissions.

I managed to create using the customPermissionsDefinitions.xml file for folders and nodes.

But when I create a Site these roles are not displayed in the Site's internal folders. Then I saw that I need a customSitesPermisionDefinitions.xml file, but when creating it inside the bootstrap with beans it is not displayed inside the Share.

Is there an example in the Community that I could follow, creating roles for folders and for folders within Sites?

Inside my boostrap-context.xml I have:
<bean id="permission-custom-platform.permissionDefinition" parent="permissionModelBootstrap">
<property name="models">

Inside customSitePermissionDefinitions.xml I have the following description:
<namespace uri="" prefix="sys"/>
<namespace uri="" prefix="cm"/>
<namespace uri="" prefix="st"/>

<permissionSet type="st:site" expose="selected" >

Can you help me please.