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Digital World

Hi our company is trying to get rid of paper works , they want to use alfresco for Implement this big project.

let me make an example :

for Recruitment be able to creating forms and the client could fill them , check and response

process of Resign , hire and transfer ..... make it possible with Alfresco.

looking forward for your answers.

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Re: Digital World

You could do that with Alfresco, yes. Are there any specific questions you have that we can answer, or was the "make it possible with Alfresco" meant to imply you need someone to implement the project for you (in exchange for monetary compensation of course)?

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Re: Digital World

no just Asking 

I , Myself is trying to learn it but first i need to get the capabilities of Alfresco then go to next step .

my boss make an example for me and ask if it can be done with Alfresco and if yes which platform?

the example was a designer makes an Hiring Form with their expectation then the Applicant for employment could fill the forms then another Organisation have access to them and be able to Checks their accuracy after that manager confirm them and asks him/her come for an interview or others steps 

something like that