Disable Rename option in Share

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Disable Rename option in Share

Hi Guys,

How can we disable Rename option which appears on hovering on a file or folder name from Share document library in Alfresco 5.1.x?



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Re: Disable Rename option in Share

There is no default option to disable that convenience feature. You would have to configure/override a metadata-template and configure an explicit "title" line to render the document name, title and/or version. There might also be some minor layout differences afterwards because you are effectively replacing the default yet specialized title renderer (when none has been configured explicitly) with a generic one.


Re: Disable Rename option in Share

Just to clarify, you could disable the rename action by removing it from the list of actions or setting its evaluator to false. What Axel is saying is that even if you do that, people could still do a rename simply by editing the properties and changing the name.

Then you'd also have to think about other file protocols such as CIFS, FTP, WebDAV, and IMAP, all of which could be used to do the rename.

Advanced II

Re: Disable Rename option in Share

I did that some times in the past by customizing the document library javascript files and removing all the references to "insituEditors".

You can find that by searching for the Alfresco.util.createInsituEditor function.

I consider that a dirty hack, but it was the only way I was able to achieve that, and in my opinion, that should be something configurable.