Disable share button from the search result page

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Disable share button from the search result page

when we search for any document in alfresco,we see an info button on the search result page and when we click on the info button,we see the public share button,I need to disable that share button from the alfresco search page.

so, what I have done is replaced the url tag in tomcat/webapps/share/WEB-INF/classes/alfresco/share-config.xml to the empty url tag as follows

 <config evaluator="string-compare" condition="Social">
      <!-- Alfresco QuickShare social widget - for creating public url that can be shared -->
            Will be available as Alfresco.constants.QUICKSHARE_URL using javascrip in the browser.
            If changing this, make sure this url matches the quickshare rule in urlrewrite.xml
         <!-- <url>{context}/s/{sharedId}</url> -->

(commented out the <url>{context}/s/{sharedId}</url> tag and added <url></url>)

with this,the share button is disabled from the document library,but not from the info button on the search page.I am unable to figure out why this is so.

Any help would be highly appreciated...

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Re: Disable share button from the search result page

The configuration inside the share-config-custom.xml file does not apply for the search page, as that page is based on the Aikau framework.

In order to change that, you will have to change it using the "Aikau way".

You can find some examples on how to do customizations on that at Customizing The Search Results Widget – Alfresco 5.0.D  - Contezza - Building smart organizations wi... 

That is another kind of customization, but I believe it will give you some ideas on how to develop customizations on Aikau.

I would share with you the required steps for that specific item you want to change, but I have not done that.

Maybe someone else can give you more details.

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Re: Disable share button from the search result page

Thanks Douglas,after googling on internet,I came to know that search result page is based on aikau jar.

So,Now can u give me any idea about what change (in which file) inside the aikau jar should be done to hide the share button from search result page in alfresco.