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Disable web-preview

Due to the fact that the web-preview of Word and Excel docs are not updated right after new versions are uploaded, our users are confused about old version previews in the interface.

To mitigate this we want to disable the "web-preview" section completely. 

How can this be accomplished?

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Re: Disable web-preview

There are multiple options for this.

  • disable the transformation from Office formats to PDF - then, as a result, web preview will also not be shown
  • override the web-preview.get.config.xml and remove the PDF previewer (will also affect file types other than Office formats)
  • implement a Surf extension module using a sub-component + evaluator to conditionally remove the web-preview component whenever an Office file is accessed

The last point could be simplified to do what you asked about - removing the preview altogether without any restrictions / conditions.