Displaying all document versions in advance search

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Displaying all document versions in advance search

Hi all,

to search for all content within a site I am using the following search query:

SITE:"<sitename>" and TYPE:"cm:content"

This gives me a list and shows various information in the left frame, but also the count, which is what I am actually looking for.

Is there a way of extending this to show all versions? I don't actually need to access the files themselves here, but need  the count as I am migrating files from another document management system and need to verify that they have all been successfully migrated.

Thank you

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Re: Displaying all document versions in advance search

Search service 2.0 supports indexing version see here: 



I think previous version of search service doesn't support indexing versions so you may not be able to achieve directly via search. I am not sure, hope someone else can also provide their feedback here.

ACS 5.2.x supports upto Search service v1.3: https://docs.alfresco.com/5.2/concepts/supported-platforms-ACS.html

However a hint -> you can customize the search result page and provide an action or link to the document which can show version history in some popup window or pull the version lables based on noderef and append to search result for each node. 


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Re: Displaying all document versions in advance search

Thank you Abhinav,

basically what I am doing is migrating hundreds of thousands of documents and their versions.

In one instance I migrate 150000 versions of files to Alfresco and need to verify that all 150000 were migrated.

Of course I could write a java script which writes to a log file when a file is uploaded, apply this via a rule to the target folder and then parse the logfile to verify individual files, however being able to see a direct total for the entire subtree would be great and if the count is the same then I can assume that all files are available.

We do write to a log in Excel when the tool we created fails to upload a file and we don't then upload later versions - these are all logged in the Excel file, however none of this shows the actual count in Alfresco.

I am happy to use other methods, but so far I have only created Java scripts in Alfresco to be run with rules and don't have any knowledge of using other methods to connect to any query the Alfresco DB.

Any advice here on e.g. where I can find basic instruction and tools for connecting to and querying the DB from a Windows client would be great.

Thank you


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Re: Displaying all document versions in advance search

Hi @CologneClaret 

Here's a useful resource on Alfresco database queries  that might help you.


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Re: Displaying all document versions in advance search

Thank you Eddie,

it may take a while to get through the post and comments, but it looks interesting.

Kind regards