do the WAL backup for Alfresco PostgreSQL

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do the WAL backup for Alfresco PostgreSQL


I want to do this for Alfresco PostgrSQL 9.3.6, Continuous Archiving and Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR):

But it seems all offical PostgreSQL has the pg_wal folder under PostgreSQL\<version>\data folder but not Alfresco PostgrSQL 9.3.6, PostgreSQL save WAL files in this folder so that we can to WAL file restore in the target PostgreSQL.

I just create this pg_wal folder inside alf_data\postgresql and tune on wal_level = archive,  archive_mode = on and  archive_timeout = 600, restart Alfresco PostgreSQL but nothing is created index inside  pg_wal folder, 


anything wrong with it ? Alfresco PostgreSQL allow WAL backup and restore, right?