document content not indexed for files uploaded through rest api

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document content not indexed for files uploaded through rest api

Hi all. I'm testing alfresco 7 on a docker installation on window 10. Below you can find all details about components versions.

I'm experiencing an issue related to documents content indexing (pdf files with text inside, not picture format). When I upload a file through web ui (share), the content is indexed and I can search terms that are present inside the content and web ui show me documents in result page.

Every time I upload a file (same type above) through rest api (children - create node), the file is uploaded successfully and metadata are populated, but the content is not indexed. I mean, if I search again for a term inside pdf text content, I get anything in the search result page.

So... I checked every log, from transformation to solr logs, to alfresco logs. There isn't any error or severe. I tried to transform pdf with web test tool and it's transformed well and I can see text content. I checked that, after upload through rest api, in the solr web console the documents count increased... and that's it!

The response to the rest api call is "200, ok" and I can see additional metadata populated by alfresco... so... really... I don't know what's causing this issue.

Can you help me, please? Or suggest something to check or to do, please?

Thank you in advance!