Document link (shortcut) problems

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Document link (shortcut) problems

Hi all, I have a problem to make link to document or folder with Ukrainian browser interface. It works fine on English and Russian browser interfaces and at the same time don't work on Ukrainian. User locale don't influence: en_US or uk_UA.

Share give an error: The creation of link could not be completed

Alfresco log:

alfresco_1 | 2019-08-13 16:03:48,456 ERROR [node.integrity.IntegrityChecker] [http-nio-8080-exec-47] Found 1 integrity violations:
alfresco_1 | Invalid property value:
alfresco_1 | Node: workspace://SpacesStore/5ea539ac-9882-49b8-9760-1b1bcf1d7705
alfresco_1 | Name: Посилання на: Договір доставки (1).docx.url
alfresco_1 | Type: {}filelink
alfresco_1 | Property: {}name
alfresco_1 | Constraint: 07130153 Значення 'Посилання на: Договір доставки (1).docx.url' не є правильним іменем файлу. Ця властивість повинна бути правильним іменем файлу. (Value '{0}' is not valid as a file name. This property must be a valid file name.)

Deployment: docker-compose

Alfresco: 6.1.2-ga, Share: 6.1.0, Schema: 13 001

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Senior Member II

Re: Document link (shortcut) problems

As I expected the problem was in mistranslated. The "Link to {0}" from was translated with excess ':'.

Be careful in localization!