Download as zip wastes disk space

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Download as zip wastes disk space

I'm running Alfresco Community v5.2.0. When an user select files and click on "Download as Zip", this creates bin file on disk that they are never deleted. Googling, I've found that seems the same problem I have. 

Browsing the nodes, I have 2 sys:downloads nodes: one is workspace://SpacesStore/downloads_container and the other is workspace://SpacesStore/c04a4e4d-a8b4-425b-9c62-dd7a7752aa06, where the uuid is depending on the alfresco installation.

If I "download as zip" using admin user, the file is created under workspace://SpacesStore/downloads_container; if I "download as zip" using a standard user, the file is created under workspace://SpacesStore/c04a4e4d-a8b4-425b-9c62-dd7a7752aa06

Looking at the permissions, my two sys:downloads nodes has the same permissions than the ones reported in the bug MNT-20212. Now, I'd like to avoid a fresh installation... but how can I modify the download cleaner in order to clean workspace://SpacesStore/c04a4e4d-a8b4-425b-9c62-dd7a7752aa06 too? I do not know and it's not written in the bug fix...


May be I can solve the problem changing the permission of workspace://SpacesStore/downloads_container but I don't know if it's easy or not... I think it isn't because otherwise the MNT-20212 would have reported it.


Waiting for support... thank you!



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Re: Download as zip wastes disk space

Consider you don't want to do a fresh install or upgrading,you can try to make a patch:

Following source code are changed to solve issue MNT-20212,you can download a newer version and extract those classes files from alfresco-repository-***.jar and replace yours.



Make sure you add following two parameters in your


And make sure you  backup your current alfresco-repository jar before replace it.