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Hi everyone, I have an Alfresco 5.0 community instance which is consuming a lot of disk space on the contentstore directory.
I noticed its space grown significantly during the last days where some user downloaded a lot of data using the "download as zip" feature.
Searching online I found this could be the cause, and I found a couple of thread here on the Alfresco hub about this (for example this one).

A couple of days ago I added these parameters to my file and restarted Alfresco but nothing changed, and searching on the catalina.out file I found no evidence of some sort of scheduled clean activity.


First questione: is there any way to check if my space is occupied by these temporary "nodes" created by the "download as zip" feature?
How can I get rid of them or check why the downloader.cleaner parameters seems to not do anything?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion and sorry if I made noob questions, it's my first time with Alfresco Smiley Wink

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Alfresco Employee

Re: download.cleaner

Hi @Tasslehoff & welcome to Alfresco!

You might find this thread useful - although bear in mind it is dealing with 5.2 not 5.0. This thread has some information about how Alfresco handles content life cycle.


Digital Community Manager, Alfresco Software.
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