Editing word documents using Google Docs

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Editing word documents using Google Docs

Good day Guys,

I would please like to ask if it is possible to open and edit word documents using Google Docs via Alfresco, in such a way whereby the user editing the document cannot save such document on their desktop for security reasons/ leaking documents to business rivals.

A potential client asked me this.

I look forward to all of your kind responses.



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Re: Editing word documents using Google Docs

Good morning!

Yes, you can use it. But Alfresco 5.1 it's quite old. I've found on sourceforge the AMPs belong to that versión.

Here you have a guide to install them. It's not same version but this guide is still valid for 5.1.




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Re: Editing word documents using Google Docs

Just my theoretical reflections.

1. Google Docs inthegration makes a copy of document into the user Google account. So, user have got full copy of document in the cloud Smiley Wink. The issue goes from Alfresco to the Google account managment and security.

2. MS Office during online editing from Alfresco always have function "Save as...". The issue goes to the MS Office managment and security.

3. If some thin can be edited in some way, then Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V works fine.

So, the task of protection documents from leacking to rivals does not depends on Alfresco or the way of editing. It is functionality of DLP, independently from Alfresco.

As a partial solution without DLP, client can try to close documents life cicle inside Alfresco. For example block download in Alfresco and install on-premise online editor (for example onlyoffice). Of cause, it is not resolve  Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V issue.

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Re: Editing word documents using Google Docs

Hi fedorow,

Thanks for your response, I really appreciate it but in your experience, is there any Document management software solution out there like SharePoint and Co. that offers a solution to this issue I raised.

Thanks once again