Enable Index on Active Model

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Enable Index on Active Model


How can I enable index on a active model property, without disabling it (thousand of files)?

Thanks you.

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Re: Enable Index on Active Model

Assuming you are only using the Model Manager or the Models directory within the Data Dictionary folder to manage your model, you cannot do so using any normal/supported functionality. In order to ensure consistency and correct behaviour, some changes cannot be made to a live model without downtime / reindexation, in short, administratively complex tasks, and since the Model Manager / runtime model deployment is meant for zero downtime model definition/config, it has that restriction built in.

There are multiple ways to enable indexation using administrative means. One approach involves identifying the content file for your model JSON + XML files inside of your content store, and modifying those files in-place. Once done, you would stop Alfresco + SOLR, delete the model files + index from SOLR, and restart. SOLR will reindex all existing content for your model including the newly enabled model property.