Enforcing a Document Naming Convention

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Enforcing a Document Naming Convention

Hi all,

I am trying to enforce a naming convention unique to each folder in each of my five sites. There are around 12 folders total, each having their own convention to adhere to. So far I've accomplished this by creating a JS web script with unique RegEx check for each folder. However, I predict this will become a problem when I have to change/update each and every script; a time consuming process.

I also let the user know if their file doesn't adhere to naming convention by providing helpful messages in the file's "title". But it has become cumbersome to account for each and every possibility of how a file doesn't adhere to the convention.

Does anyone know of any resources that could accomplish this better?

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Re: Enforcing a Document Naming Convention

There are 2 ways to achive this.

1)Rule :

You can create custom rule on top level folder of each site(documentLibrary) with your custom login for renaming file.This is javascript base so you need not to restart server.



2)Policy : This is java base login so Here you can write your logic where any node creation happen,you can check document/folder and apply your custom logic. Here you need to deploy your custom logic so you need to restart server.