Error changing menu image

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Error changing menu image

I have created a new theme I have installed in my alfresco following the steps indicated in this link

but, the menu image does not change, the alfresco logo continues to appear. The colors of the letter, menu etc if they have changed perfectly.
I have tried to change the image from the administrator tools but I get an error. (My image is 42x35 pixels)



How can I fix this error?

Thank you

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Re: Error changing menu image

Hi Carlos,

it is weird. Everything should work correctly.

We will test your theme and I will let you know where is the problem

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Re: Error changing menu image

We just tested the last theme you generated. Everything works as expected.

Here is the whole video of testing process: 

Maybe it conflicts with another extension?

Please attach the logs of the error and we will try to figure out what is wrong