error site loading after migration 4.2

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error site loading after migration 4.2


Hello everyone, i did a migration 4.2 to 4.2 ot test a future migration but i have a problem.

Initially, this migration it is for 4.2 -> 6.2, but i encountered a error.

Since I did not find the source of the problem in 6.2, I decided to do a simple migration: 4.2 to 4.2.

I have an "informatiques" site and on the documentary space of this site no file is visible, nor any tag ...

Failed to retrieve tags and No element :


hub alfresco.png

and logs : GOOGLE DOCS 

The normal file is correctly migrate.

when I search for the files on this site via the search bar I try to find them! that's what is incredible! The result of the search indicates to me the file, the site, the author, etc ... but when I go to the concerned site an error "No element" and "Failed to retrieve tags" ...:


I have already tried several "solutions": the official (several times): which consists of saving the database before the contentstore

the reverse (even if it is not logical ...): backup of the contentstore then of the database ...

I did not find the solution to this problem ... if a charitable soul would accept of course that thank you so much

here all source viewed :

Thanks for your response,

Cordially, Serhat

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Re: error site loading after migration 4.2

Debug and Resolve Migration Issues. Due to class loading, JNDI naming rules,  The following describes how to resolve some of the more common exceptions and  Section 4.2.7, “Debug and Resolve JBoss Seam Debug Page Errors”.

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Re: error site loading after migration 4.2

The standard procedure is as per the following.

1. Take the backup of the following source Alfresco instance which is to be migrated

- Content stores

- indexes

- database

- customization (AMPs, JARs)

- Configuration files (Share configuration, alfresco-global. properties)

2. Check the Alfresco migration paths for the smooth migration -

3. Once the above steps are done follow the for migration

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Re: error site loading after migration 4.2

Due to class loading, JNDI naming rules, and other changes in the application server, you may encounter exceptions or other errors if you try to deploy your application "as-is". The following describes how to resolve some of the more common exceptions and errors you might encounter.
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