Error with .svg files stored in alfresco share

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Error with .svg files stored in alfresco share

Some of the .svg files stored in alfresco share seem to get corrupted. We are having issue with retrieving those files. We retrieve those as an encoded string using base 64 encoding(Java). When trying to convert the encoded string error is thrown.

So we tried to encode the original image using base 64, we don't see any issue in decoding it back. However when we downloaded the .svg files stored in alfresco and tried to encode it using base 64 and then tried to decode it, we are having issue. So there is no issue with the original image, no issue with encoder/decoder, issue is there with the files stored in alfresco. So it has to do something with the way alfresco stores .svg files.

What i found is that the base 64 encoded text of the original image and the encoded text of the image stored in alfresco is different.

Kindly assist.