Errors about docker.

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Errors about docker.

Hi Team;

      After run CMD 'run.bat build_start' on Windows,  there were a number of errors, please refer the photo as below.

      Would you please tell me what should I do? thanks a lot!


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Re: Errors about docker.

Alfresco container seems to be crashed and hence solr (ass) is not able to query and throwing those errors. 

Make sure you have assigned at least 16 GB of memory for the stack. 

Start the containers and then check the resources using following command:

docker stats

This will tell how much memory each container is is consuming. Upper limit is already defined in the compose file.

Try this command and see whether all containers are up:

docker ps

This will tell whether acs, share and all required containers are up and running. I see you already have enough memory to work with. Sometimes we need to tweak the memory limits which is predefined in docker-compose file if any containers does't launch correctly. 

(ACSCE, AWS SAA, Azure Admin)