evaluator as control-param in field tag

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evaluator as control-param in field tag

Hi Everybody,

I would like to ask if it is possible to check value of textfiel using evaluator.

In share config custom I have this field defined:

<field id="mlcm:firma_nazev" mandatory="true" label-id="prop.mlcm_firma_nazev">
   <control template="/cz/signia/components/form/controls/firmaAutocomplete.ftl">
	<control-param name="webscript">/mlensky/firmy</control-param>					

I would like to add evaluator for type something like this :

<control-param name="evaluator">evaluator.doclib.action.isFirma</control-param>  

Is it possible? What i the right way to do it? Thanks 

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Re: evaluator as control-param in field tag

Evaluators cannot be used at the field level. They are used for actions and modules.

You could probably include the related logic in the field ftl itself.