Evaluator based on user roles

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Evaluator based on user roles

Im trying to create an evaluator that hides a button if the user is either a consumer or contributor, how would i go about creating that?

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Re: Evaluator based on user roles

Evaluators are used generally inside the custom action and indicators, if you are planning to use that inside custom action than you can use the permission attribute , using that only users who ave write access on document will be able to see the action..Below is one example of existing action.

<!-- Edit properties pop-up -->
<action id="document-edit-properties" type="javascript" label="actions.document.edit-metadata">
<param name="function">onActionDetails</param>
<permission allow="true">Write</permission>
<evaluator negate="true">evaluator.doclib.metadata.isLocked</evaluator>
<evaluator negate="true">evaluator.doclib.action.checkedOutAspect</evaluator>