Export documents with their shared link

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Export documents with their shared link


We need to shutdown a server and move the documents of the customers to a new Alfresco 6.0 server.

We don't want to export any other data like users and their aspects or rules or sites etc...

Our customers used their document Alfresco share links as input reference in other system and we want to keep the same Alfresco share link when import the documents to the new server.

Is it possible to do so?

Thank you


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Re: Export documents with their shared link

The safer approach is to upgrade your installation or to move Content, Database and Indexes to the new server. After that, you can discard all the information that is not required anymore.

Another alternative is to export an ACP with the contents from the old server and to import the ACP in the new one. But this does not guarantee that your UUIDs are preserved.

I created one a tool to preserve UUIDs when importing, but I'm not sure if it's working for current version.

GitHub - angelborroy/alfresco-uuid-importer 

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