Extend repository for Share data

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Extend repository for Share data

Dear All,

I installed Alfresco Community on An Ubuntu 16.04 Server which is a KVM guest. At the moment, I would like to increase storage by adding NFS or iScsi NAS. Should I move alf_data to this NAS ? And if so, how to do ? And if not, any suggestion to scale storage ?

Many thanks!

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Re: Extend repository for Share data

you could "externalize" your contentstore (=document store).

alf_data/contentstore and alf_data/contentstore.delete can safely be mounted by NFS (first: move your documents to the new location)

As second step you can use another server for your database - transfer the alfresco database to another server and configure the db connection in alfresco/tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco-global.properties