External Authentication with Alfresco Community Edition

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External Authentication with Alfresco Community Edition

Hello there,

I need any help I can get by setting up an external authentication with alfresco share.
This will be a longer post explaining what I have tried up until now and what my target setup should look like.


  1. First I read the Alfresco documentation about authentication subsystems and the following chapters to get a grasp how it is configured.
  2. Then I tried to follow this Tutorial as close as I could

Current Test Setup

  • LoadBalancer
    • terminates SSL
  •  Webserver (Linux)
    • httpd (http on port 80)
      • Reverse Proxy to keycloak and alfresco
      • httpd.conf with CAS configuration from resource 2.
    • Keycloak (http on port 8080)
      • CAS client
  • Application Server (Linux)
    • Alfresco 5.2  Tomcat (http on port 8080)
      • share-config-custom.xml configuration from resource 2. and disabled CSRF Token Filter
      • alfresco-global.properties configuration from resource 2.

Current result:

  • After beeing redirected to Keycloak and logged in there is a 504 Gateway Time-out
  • Nothing in the Alfresco Tomcat Logs

Instead of Keycloak I also tried using a HTTP Basic Auth in the httpd webserver
The results have been similar dissapointing:

  • After the Basic Auth dialog of the httpd, where I could authenticate another Basic Auth Popup from Alfresco pops up. This time the credentials are not accepted. When I cancel it I get redirected to the Login Page of "share"

I'd be grateful for any hint in the right direction, alternative working setups e.g. with shibboleth instead of keycloak or nginx instead of httpd

My current config files for reference

  1.  httpd.conf (excerpt)
  2. alfresco-global.conf
  3. shared-config-custom.xml
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Member II

Re: External Authentication with Alfresco Community Edition

I am facing the same issue with Alfresco Community 6.2.x . Anyone can help? Thanks in advance.

Active Member II

Re: External Authentication with Alfresco Community Edition

Before working on the full stack, I suggest you to try access directly to alfresco share in order to make sure the externalAuth configuration is working. You can do that by using a Chrome header extension like ModHeader (or similar for Firefox). Open ModHeader settings and put this:


and go to http://alfresco_host:8080/share ...you should see the share dashboard page without login. To log more info append this on alfresco log4j.properties:

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Re: External Authentication with Alfresco Community Edition



i want to add the same functionality but i cannot find the tutorial you mentioned


di you have any other reference or sample code ?

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Re: External Authentication with Alfresco Community Edition


I'm trying to do the same with ACS 7.2 (installed in docker with alfresco-docker-installer).

I understand that the thing I should do is adding to the JAVA_OPTS settings this:


           JAVA_OPTS : '
-Dauthentication.chain=external1:external,alfrescoNtlm1:alfrescoNtlm -Dexternal.authentication.proxyUserName= -Dexternal.authentication.enabled=true -Dexternal.authentication.defaultAdministratorUserNames=admin -Dexternal.authentication.proxyHeader=X-Alfresco-Remote-User

 Then for a testing I set a header in my browser with ModHeader as "X-Alfresco-Remote-User: <myusername>" and open the Share url for my instance (or /alfresco). But I keep getting the usual login screen as if nothing has changed.

There must be some step that I'm missing..?

Thanks in advance,