Extracting Reports from Alfresco

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Extracting Reports from Alfresco

Good day Team,

Please how can I create a custom reports to extract the number of files uploaded to alfresco by a user using a specific document indexing name. 

For example: the number of documents with index name "PO" uploaded to alfresco by a user with name "John".

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and BR,


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Re: Extracting Reports from Alfresco


In Alfresco you can query things, and you can create custom webscripts.

A simple aproach may be to create a custom webscript for querying regarding those parameters and to provide the output in CSV format for example. 

In the specific case that you mention, you can obtain the info from Alfresco Search, add name:"PO*" in the box and to filter by creator facet . The number of documents will appear in the facet and in the Alfresco Search results page. 

In Alfresco Enterprise you have Insight engine for reporting.