(Failure: Quota exceeded) - file size too large

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Member II

(Failure: Quota exceeded) - file size too large

Hello all,

I just started using alfresco, and after trying to upload a file larger than 128Mb I get the error message:

(Failure: Quota exceeded)

I have searched high and low for this exact phrase and google nor duckduckgo were able to find the answer.

Any help would be appreciated. I guess I can use a workaround of using an archive utility to compress and split the files but this is not idel for the long haul.

Any assiatnce woul be appreciated.

I am using Centos 8 stream, 8 core, 32gb, 500gb disk space VMS.

Kind regards,


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Alfresco Employee

Re: (Failure: Quota exceeded) - file size too large

How are you installing Alfresco?

This limitation can be configured in the Web Proxy (NGINX), in Tomcat or in the app configuration itself.

Hyland Developer Evangelist

Re: (Failure: Quota exceeded) - file size too large

A similar problem was reported for Alfresco CE 5.2 on CentOS7:


Solution said:  "The problem was not Alfresco-related, but a misconfigured proxy (nginx) that had a client body limit of 1M."