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failure quote exceeded

By trying to submit a file bigger than 100MB is shown a fail of a exceeded quota in the alfresco. The user account I am using is admin.

The version Alfresco Community is 5.2.

I set up the configuration file nginx.conf to receive until 500MB of file.
client_max_body_size 500M;

I disabled the using of quota in

Someone can help me? Is there some other file I gotta change to set any size files free?

Thank you already!

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Re: failure quote exceeded

system.usages.enabled is disabled by default. Did you have it enabled previously?

What happens when you try to use a protocol that works a little better with larger files, such as FTP?

Another thing to try is moving the file to the server, then using the Bulk File Import Tool. That will at least rule out any problems caused by network issues or session timeouts.