FATAL: database "alfresco" does not exist

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FATAL: database "alfresco" does not exist

Good afternoon.

I recently joined a company where there is a department that uses Alfresco.

I have a problem doing the "run.bat build_start" of the project that is running, everything goes well until almost the end when it must create the "alfresco" and "activiti" databases in Docker, it just doesn't create them and it gives me the error "FATAL: database "alfresco" does not exist".

I must point out that the Alfresco colleagues who have been working for longer are doing well and have been working on this for months and years, but in my case it doesn't work for me, I don't know if it's because of the ports or configuration.

I attached an image of the error in question, there are times when instead of saying "FATAL: database "alfresco" does not exist" it says "FATAL: database "activiti" does not exist".


I emphasize that I am doing the "run.bat build_start" of the main repository of the project in which other people are working and everything works correctly, but neither those people nor the team leader know why this happens to me.

Just in case, the Postgres part of the "docker-compose.yml" file is as follows:

    image: postgres:9.6
    mem_limit: 2g
      POSTGRES_MULTIPLE_DATABASES: alfresco,activiti
      POSTGRES_USER: postgres
      POSTGRES_PASSWORD: postgres
    command: postgres -c max_connections=300 -c log_min_messages=LOG
      - "${postgres.port}:5432"
      - acs-db-volume:/var/lib/postgresql/data
      - ./pg-init-scripts:/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d

We have tried a thousand things, port issues, etc. and there is no way. If someone can know what happens I would greatly appreciate it because there are many things to do with the projects. I am available to give more information if necessary to solve my problem.

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Re: FATAL: database "alfresco" does not exist

You database creation is not happening properly. Permission might be the issue.

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Re: FATAL: database "alfresco" does not exist

I would start from checking the initialisation scripts in this folder:


 It's not Alfresco, it's your project scripts. Check how it works. 

To do so, you can run only postgres service separately

docker-compose up -d acs-postgres

 And check it logs

docker-compose logs -f

Share the scripts and resoults here.