File upload from Local system in datalist

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File upload from Local system in datalist

I am creating custom datalist where I need to attach file.

I am able to attach file from alfresco but I want to create feature where user can upload file from local system also.

I am able to display burron, On click of button it is asking me to destination,selecting on destination, file upload popup is not coming. It is giving error like this.

Error: No instance of uploader type 'Alfresco.DNDUpload' exists. at Alfresco.FileUpload.FU_show 

I have included below file in share-custom-config.xml file.


<js src="/modules/documentlibrary/global-folder.js" />
<css src="/modules/documentlibrary/global-folder.css" />
<js src="/modules/simple-dialog.js" />
<js src="/components/upload/file-upload.js" />
<js src="/components/upload/flash-upload.js" />
<js src="/components/upload/html-upload.js" />
<js src="/components/upload/dnd-upload.js" />
<js src="/components/common/common-component-style-filter-chain.js" />
<css src="/components/upload/html-upload.css" />
<css src="/components/upload/flash-upload.css" />
<css src="/components/upload/dnd-upload.css" />

<js src="/components/form/attachments.js" /> // This is file where upload configuration is there as per below.

if (!this.fileUpload) {
        					this.fileUpload = Alfresco.getFileUploadInstance();
                       var multiUploadConfig =
                          siteId: selectedFolder.siteId,
                          containerId: selectedFolder.containerId,
                          uploadDirectory: selectedFolder.path,
                          mode: this.fileUpload.MODE_SINGLE_UPLOAD,
                          filter: [],
                          thumbnails: "doclib",
                             fn: this.onFileUploadComplete,
                             scope: this

Am I missing any file to include?