Filteroptions getting own Type

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Filteroptions getting own Type

Hello Guys,

I have created my own type called "ticket". In my Type Ticket there are some subfolders which you can see here:

In the "Ticket" subfolder i store tickets which later I want to list in an overview as you can see here:

My Problem is, that there can be very much tickets but I don't want to load them all, so I want to filter the tickets for the last month and give that option to the API.

I have researched a lot until now but i haven't found a real solution due to that problem. So have you any Idea how to give the Alfresco-API some filterpredicates for my own type for giving back only the objects which parse the filter?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Filteroptions getting own Type

It depends which specific operation on which API you are actually calling. I.e. if you are calling the v1 ReST API operation for retrieving children of a node, then there is no feature like a "begins with" or "in time range X" filter. But if you are actually performing an FTS or CMIS query via the Search API, then of course you can use the query language to express these conditions.

In FTS you could have a query condition like: my:ticketDateProperty:["2018-01-01" TO "2018-01-31"]

In CMIS you would of course need to make sure you join on the proper aspect (unless the property is defined by the type you select), and then have something like: <= TIMESTAMP '2018-01-31T23:59:59.999Z' AND >= TIMESTAMP '2018-01-01T00:00:00.000Z'   ("C" in this case is your table/aspect/type alias in the query)