Find out the user from the ticket-hash

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Find out the user from the ticket-hash


we use Alfresco as our document management system. Now I need to figure out who had access to a specific order, because someone accidentally publish it. So the rights have been changed.

In the access logs from tomcat I can find something like that: alf_ticket=TICKET_XXXXX893e63ab84f979dda5dd6260b6f719XXXXX

Is it possible to assign the user who accessed it on the basis of this ticket-hash ?

Current version: Alfresco Content Services started (Community). Current version: 5.2.0 (r135134-b14)

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Re: Find out the user from the ticket-hash

No, unless you perform a complete heap memory dump of your running ACS instance OR are able to execute i.e. JavaScript code via the JavaScript Console to directly call the TicketComponent.validateTicket operation inside ACS DURING the time that the ticket was/is valid, you effectively cannot find the user for a specific ticket.