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Folder Files list.

Hello Guys and Girls, I'm new in Alfresco, but I'm Loving it, I'm need some help to find a solution for a problem, I have a Network Folder in a Windows Server Directory, In that folder a Have some Files, PDFs , XMLs e etc..., this files are from a Aplication that manipulate that files. I created a Script to copy this files to Alfresco, The problem Is that I copy this File after they are processed by that aplication, and I need to create a webpage in alfresco share that monitor this Windows Shared Folder and list all files, This xml contains informations about status of Aplication proccess, So in this alfresco page I will have a Table with a file name (PDF) and a will take the status from that XML file with the same name.

I already created a page with Aikau UI Framework, I read that will be the primary Framework to Handle Pages.

But I'm Not sure how to do this, read the directory, list al files and xml to create that Table.

What Tools or APIs can I use to acomplish that?.


Thanks for all your help.

I'm hope that I can Contribute in the future also, Right now I'm learning more than I'm Teaching.


Alfresco 5.2

Tomcat 7.078

Windows Server 2016 64 Bits 


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Re: Folder Files list.


Welcome to Alfresco! We're all still learning - that's one of the great things about our sector! I'm sure someone will be able to help you with your scripting challenge. In the meantime, here is one approach for a shared folder, & here is some documentation that might help.


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Member II

Re: Folder Files list.

Thank you for taking time to helping me, I read those posts, In mather of fact, I've already readed in my previous searchs for a solution, but that cases talk about folder in alfresco repository, I need to list files in a folder that is not in Alfresco repository, they are in a Windows Folder Share like \\sever name\folder\{file.pdf, file.xml}.

I hope that I make myself clear now.

Thank you again.