Free add ons for improving share

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Free add ons for improving share

I have setup a 5.1.x Community system for a specific usage (storing photos and videos)

It works well ...

I'm wondering if there are some add ons available (free) that can help ens user experience ?

One would be the multi-edit feature to tag a set of photos or to edit multiple photos in once.

Thanks for your advise

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Re: Free add ons for improving share

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Re: Free add ons for improving share


You can try these add-ons as well -  Share Extras - A collection of popular add-ons for Alfresco Share 





Re: Free add ons for improving share

Take a look at the Alfresco Add-ons marketplace. It has more than 400 add-ons listed, but they are a mix of freely-available and commercially-licensed add-ons.

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Re: Free add ons for improving share

site is under maintenance Jeff Potts

any alternative ?


Re: Free add ons for improving share

Just search GitHub for Alfresco. Nearly every Add-on that's still being maintained is managed there.

Alfresco killed the Add-ons site, promised a new one, and never delivered.

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Re: Free add ons for improving share

II've been able to catch up on my favorite shows, stay updated with the latest news, and even watch sports events live, all without shelling out a dime. The picture and sound quality are top-notch, making it feel like I'm right there in the action.

Navigate here :

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Re: Free add ons for improving share

Hey Alfresco Community,

Your setup sounds great! For enhancing the user experience on your Community system focused on storing photos and videos, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Multi-edit Feature: Look into plugins or extensions that enable multi-editing capabilities, allowing users to tag or edit multiple photos simultaneously. This can significantly streamline their workflow and enhance productivity.

  2. Organizational Tools: Explore add-ons that offer advanced organizational tools like categorization, search filters, and sorting options. These features can help users manage their media content more efficiently.

  3. Collaboration Add-ons: Consider add-ons that facilitate collaboration among users, such as shared albums, commenting features, or collaborative editing tools. These can foster engagement and interaction within your community.

Lastly, I recommend checking out PicsArt. It's a comprehensive platform with a wide range of editing and creative tools, including multi-edit features, filters, effects, and more. It could be a valuable addition to your community, offering users additional options for enhancing their photos and videos. You can visit their website to explore and download the app.

Thanks a lot!