From RDBMS Oracle to MySQL

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From RDBMS Oracle to MySQL


i am looking for information about to change from RDBMS Oracle (11g) that we are currently using, to MySQL.

I was taking a walk on search engines (i promised) looking for info to do it. But i found very little.

Anybody has experience changing the RDBMS from Oracle?

Which is best way to do it?

Dump the data on flat format?

Are there any wizard to do it?

Any guidelines?


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Re: From RDBMS Oracle to MySQL

I googled "oracle mysql migration toolkit" and found some decent results.

Generally speaking, such a migration requires to dump, potentially transform and import the data from Oracle to MySQL. I have done this for an Alfresco customer about 7 years ago, and since no useful / open source tools existed (and customer was not willing to buy something commercial for a one-off use) I wrote a small Java utility using JDBC to transfer the data. With regards to the Alfresco schema you have to take into account the subtle differences, like column types / String length limitations, as well as the Oracle specific access to CLOB/BLOB data, which required me to perform multiple calls for partial BLOBs, reassemble the full BLOB in memory and then store in MySQL.