Get Active Tasks from Backend - 401

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Get Active Tasks from Backend - 401

I use Alfresco 6 with 2 backend (alfresco and spring-boot).

I try to retrieve active tasks for specific user from spring-boot backend  (in this example, user "acc1")  but I get "401" issue :

This is the  complete request :


When it's called from angular fronted, it works.

Here is my code :

public ResponseEntity<AlfrescoResponse> callAlfrescoBackEnd(String url) {
   "url: " + url);
             headers = new HttpHeaders();
               entity = new HttpEntity<String>(headers);
          return, HttpMethod.GET, entity, AlfrescoResponse.class);

How can I solve it ?

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Re: Get Active Tasks from Backend - 401

I think I should add autorization element in header:

java - How to retrieve Activiti task-form using REST? - Stack Overflow 

But How retrieve the value ?