Get name of folder/node and altering it

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Get name of folder/node and altering it

I have a site with folders like this Requests/Old folder and New Folder. I want to access the folders in Old folder so i use The NodeId of Old folder and list everything in node folder. The "name" part I am looking for is under list/entries/entry. Using Postman Testing and "/nodes/{nodeId}/children" API, I can get the name of the last folder like this: 

"const response = pm.response.json()" >> "response.list.entries[response.list.entries.length - 1]" .

So now using the same API and Alfresco Process Modelling App under scripts, where I am supposed to do the same as above. How can I do that? also after getting the name why can I not use the substring() and ParseInt Methods?

After getting the name how do i load it into the form name ''my-form"