Get Started with Alfresco 6 and alfresco SDK 4

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Get Started with Alfresco 6 and alfresco SDK 4



I wanted to start with Alfresco 6 developement with SDK 4,

can someone help me with the ressources or any references to get start with it.



Brahmaiah Ganna

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Re: Get Started with Alfresco 6 and alfresco SDK 4

Please have a look a this Tutorial:


Re: Get Started with Alfresco 6 and alfresco SDK 4

Concept wise everytihng is same as previous version, If you are very much new to alfresco then refer this post for more details:

To start with SDK4.x you should have idea about docker, docker-compose, DockerFile etc. You can go through this blog to understand the docker based deployments:

You can follow the below given steps to generate and test a sample sd4 based project which uses ACS 6.2.x:

1- Generate the archetype [ use: mvn archetype:generate -Dfilter=org.alfresco: ] using SDK 4.1.0 (meant for ACS 6.2.x).
Decide to generate AIO or individual archetypes based on your current setup/preference.

See steps here:

You would get additional project named "yourproject-share-docker/yourproject-platform-docker". It will have DockerFile containing the base image and steps to be performed while launching the containers. You will also get a project named as "docker", this will have docker-compose.yml file which basically defines all the services which using which containers will be launced.

Make sure you provide the same groupId and artifactId as per your current project.

To get basic info of DockerFile, refer:

To get basic info of docker-compose.yml, refer:

2- Build and Start the containers and see if everything works ok. Use "run.bat build_start" ( build_start for linux) command to build and start the docker containers. You can refer "run.bat or" files.

3- To remote debug and put breakpoints you can follow these documents. Make sure you add below step in platform DockerFile:

Add the below given line in your platform-docker project's DockerFile:

COPY $TOMCAT_DIR/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/classes
For remote debugging follow the instructions given here:



Have a look at this documentation as well:

If you have not used any versions of SDK so far, then you can generate a sample artifact by referring to this post, you can find steps to generate base artifact here: