Getting site documents information

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Getting site documents information


I want to retreive all of one site documents information, my site has 1300 documents so it would be a pain to do that manually

I want to get :

File name

File path

File version

Publication date

Publication status


I searched online and found that webscripts can help me do that, but i do not know what i should write in my script in order to get these informations. Could someone help me write the script or send me one that is already ready for deployement?

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Member II

Re: Getting site documents information

I was able to get document list with informations i needed, i used this webscript


<shortname>Get Documents</shortname>
<description>Display all Documents within Folder</description>
<format default="json">argument</format>


function main()
var node = [];
node = search.luceneSearch("PATH:\"/app:company_home/st:sites/cm:yoursitename//*\"");
model.totalItems = node.length;
model.results = node;

} main();


totalItems": "${totalItems}
<#list results as node>
<#if node.isDocument>

<#if (node_index + 1 < results?size)></#if>

Access it via 

As you can see i got the informations i needed. But i can see that there are still some properties left that i didn't know how to get them. I can't find the names on node explorator

These are custom properties, is there any way to retrieve them?