Help deploying ACS 6: production & test env

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Re: Help deploying ACS 6: production & test  env

Jamil, were you able to come up with a solution?

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Re: Help deploying ACS 6: production & test env

Jeff, I got an official email from Alfresco to confirm that only zip deployment is the solution.

Too frustrating... we will not do the deployment using zip method...our container images are ready

The following is from Alfresco University about the deployment methods:

(zip) "This method is suitable for those organizations that are not yet ready to move to a containerized deployment approach for Alfresco Content Services" 

We are ready and we paid and did the full steps as explained on AWS EKS but it seems Alfresco is not ready!!!  


Good afternoon,

Following internal discussions, Alfresco recommends that you install Version 6 to run into production using distribution zip. Without the necessary helm knowledge and Kubernetes/EKS understanding on your side, we would not recommend using this deployment method in production until sufficient expertise is obtained.


Per Alfresco’s statement on github,


“Production environments:

Alfresco provides tested Helm charts as a “deployment template” for customers who want to take advantage of the container orchestration benefits of Kubernetes. These Helm charts are undergoingcontinual development and improvement, and should not be used “as is” for your production environments, but should help you save time and effort deploying Alfresco Content Services for your organisation.”


The Alfresco Documentation site provides guidelines on how to go about deploying Alfresco 6.0 using distribution zip:


I sincerely regret the frustration that you’ve been experiencing but I’m also keen to be as straightforward as possible and offer a solution that enables you to spin up Alfresco with HA/Clustering enabled as quickly as possible so that you start to see the return in your investment.

Please let us know how you would like to proceed.

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Re: Help deploying ACS 6: production & test env


I am still trying to get the support on Docker-compose for production but unfortunately Alfresco has no progress on this Smiley Sad:

Today's answer from the support:

"For PROD environments, ACS is designed to be deployed using Docker images that are packaged in Helm charts.
Using Docker Compose, this is intended to be used in DEV and TEST environments. If implementing this method for PROD, this is not supported."

Note that since more than 9 months I have our solution based on ACS 6.1 and using docker-compose is in production with no problem at all. I am using Azure Disaster recovery on the docker VM. My client wants to use Azure and not AWS so I can't use AWS Helm charts.

For a new client, I want to have support from Alfresco for clustering with Disaster Recovery on an on premise installation. Docker-compose is a ready deployment for us but Alfresco is still not collaborating and wants us to use ZIP