Help to make changes online on open office

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Help to make changes online on open office

Hello everyone,

I'm on Ubuntu Linux and Alfresco Share v5.2.e.

I do not have the "Edit Online" button on openoffice as I have seen on many forums or videos. For my business, there is no question of using Google Docs. So, I would like to have another way of doing the modification online.
I tried using this method:
Without success.

I would like your help on this subject.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Help to make changes online on open office


In Alfresco Server, you need to copy the corresponding jar file in $TOMCAT/shared/lib and restart Alfresco service. Then you should see an action for editing MS-Office and Libreoffice mimetypes. Take note, that 0.3 version works for Libreoffice 5 and 0.2 version for Libreoffice 0.4 (don't mix them).

Finally, you need to register webdav protocol in you client machine (this is valid only for Windows and Linux, not MacOSX by the moment, with any recent browser). This instruction tells local operating system to open a webdav URI with Libreoffice client when clicking on the link. In releases page, you have some helpers for Windows and Linux.

If you client machine, from where you are going to edit online with Libreoffice client (not related with Libreoffice in server part), is a Linux machine, such Ubuntu, you can use two methods:

- Online edition with Libreoffice in Alfresco 5 - zylk 

If your client machine is Windows based, you can use webdav.reg file of releases page, for Windows registry. In the given file, take care of writing correctly the Libreoffice 5 path.

Home · zylklab/alfresco-share-online-edition-addon Wiki · GitHub 

Once the protocol is registered, the browser will ask you to open with Libreoffice and to remember the association. Then Libreoffice asks you for Alfresco credentials, and that's all.

Hope this helps.