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Help with categories


I am trying to use categories for items in a repository but I  don't seem to be ale to do so. 

I can create categories in the category manager, but I  then cannot seem to to be able to add them to an object.  I can set up a rule that assigns a category to any object created the folder and after that I can add/delete categories to the object, but that is the only way I can do this.

Am I  missing something?  How to I  simply add a category without having to set up a rule?


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Re: Help with categories

In order to assign categories from the default category tree (the one managed via Category Manager) to nodes without a rule, you simply need to assign the cm:generalclassifiable aspect to the node in question. This aspect should be available for selection in the "Manage Aspects" action, presuming the default Alfresco Share configuration has not been changed. Once the aspect has been assigned, the "Edit Metadata" form should show a field for categories, presuming the node in question is of a standard Alfresco type (cm:content / cm:folder) and the default Alfresco Share configuration for the forms has not been changed.