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Hide folder for non admin users


I want that not admin users cannot see "Sites" folder from and I remove EVERYONE group from consumers of that folder. With this I get what I wanted but now my non admin users cannot see logo at left upper corner:

When I click on logo I get:

When I set back consumer permissions to non admin users loga appears again.

So my question is, if there posibility to hide Sites folder from non admin users in repository where logo in left upper corner is still present?

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Re: Hide folder for non admin users

The Sites folder is an essential folder for the correct operation of the Share user interface. It indirectly contains a multitude of configuration files (invisible to users) that define the structure and contents of dashboards as well as application configuration. Restricting visibility / permissions for non-admin users will invariably disrupt the operation - even if not immediately due to the presence of configuration caches - and should not be attempted.