Hiding subcomponents on surf page

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Hiding subcomponents on surf page

I am looking for a way to hide the "Reassign" Button in Alfresco. I found a mostly good tutorial on how to achieve similar things here:


Although there seems to be a catch; It only seem to work for direct child components. In fact, barely any example out there uses any other component other than one with id="default". 

What if I want to hide a grand-child component of "default"? For what I could find, every child id would be named like "grandparentID-parentID-XXXXX", but adding child component id like that didn't work - for example id "default-body" didn't work.

How do I achieve this? Smiley Happy 
Do I write the id in the wrong form, or is it simply not possible to target subcomponents of subcomponents?